Geocoding is the process of turning human-readable addresses into computer and map understandable coordinate pairs. Reverse Geocoding does the opposite and takes computer and map understandable coordinates and turns them into human-readable addresses. This is not an exact science and does leave a margin of error, however, you can usually get a pretty close depiction of the actual location in this manner. GEO LEO API allows connected devices to locate themselves without the need for GPS. GEO LEO API returns a location for your GSM supported device in milliseconds. With GEOLEO, you can rest assured of two things. The first is that you are getting the best price anywhere for the high level of service provided. The second is that you are getting the most accurate data available from multiple reliable sources.


GEO LEO is the most relaible and accurate API for Mobile tower Location.


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GEO LEO Example

Input MCC, MNC, Cell id and LAC data (Decimal) in below form.
You can Download GEO LEO Android Application to Find your GSM Cell Info